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Festivals in Larnaca - Cyprus

Anthestiria Festival - Larnaca

Anthestiria Festival

The Anthestiria Festival is a celebration of the beginning of spring and flowers, and the connection of nature with Ancient Greece. The festivities start of with a parade of floats with fresh flowers and fruits that are carried towards the ocean. People dress up in their most colourful attire and...

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Carnival - Larnaca


The carnival celebrations in Larnaca start about 50 days before Easter, and go on for two weeks. The carnival takes place in cities all over the island, especially in Limassol, but Larnaca and Paphos have quite an extravagant line up of parades and balls as well. The two weeks are divided into Meat...

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Epiphany - Larnaca


This is the most important festival for the Greek Orthodox community of Cyprus. Known as ‘Kalanda’, or The Feast of Light, the celebration of the Epiphany commemorates the revelation of God in Human form, like the incarnation of Jesus Christ through his baptism in the river Jordan. Water...

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Feast of Pentecost - Larnaca

Feast of Pentecost

Also known as The Flood Festival or ‘Kataklysmos’, the feast of the Pentecost is celebrated all over the island, most significantly in Larnaca. There is a great procession towards the sea, where people then sprinkle each other with water to symbolize purification. The seafront is the main venue...

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Green Monday - Larnaca

Green Monday

The festival Green Monday marks the start of the Lenten season. Since the island is still in the carnival spirit, a lot of the festivities are similar and just carried on from there. There are plenty of fancy dress parties, balls and parades, and lots of vegetarian food festivals. Picnics are held...

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Larnaca Summer Festival - Larnaca

Larnaca Summer Festival

This is one of the biggest festivals in Larnaca, when the whole city comes alive in song and dance and colour. Throughout the festival there are a number of outdoor cultural events and shows put on, in the many courtyards, forts and amphitheatre of the city. There are activities for people of all...

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Musical Sunday - Larnaca

Musical Sunday

Musical Sundays take place in Larnaca on selected Sundays during the months of March and April. The days are spent with lots of live musicians and groups performing different kinds of music like, folks songs, jazz, classical and contemporary numbers. There are also special dance troupes who perform...

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Procession of St Lazarus - Larnaca

Procession of St Lazarus

This is another very important religious festival for the Greek Orthodox people of Larnaca. It is celebrated eight days before Easter, and it is a celebration of their patron saint St Lazarus. The feast is celebrated with family and close friend, and starts with a solemn ceremony at the Church of...

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