Larnaca Today

Known to be the oldest city in Cyprus, Larnaca today stands solid on its 6000 year history, along with its modern developments to be one of the main cities in the south of Cyprus today. Larnaca has the second largest seaport in the island and the largest international airport in the country, the Larnaca International Airport. Larnaca has achieved steady economic growth since the mid 1970’s, especially with a lot of international income coming in from the extensive tourist population it boasts. Majority of Cyprus’ tourist offices and agencies are based in Larnaca, and had helped boost the travel sector of the region. Infused with a rich ancient history, the city also has made significant progress in contemporary culture, art and sports. Larnaca is home to two football teams, AEK Larnaca FC and ALKI Larnaca FC. Today, Larnaca is known to be one of the most tourist friendly cities in the world, catering to the likes of every single traveller.