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General Information About Larnaca - Cyprus

Annual Temperature - Larnaca

Annual Temperature




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Exchage Rates - Larnaca

Exchage Rates

The Euro (EUR) is the official currency of Cyprus  ...

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Fast Facts - Larnaca

Fast Facts


The Larnaca District is one of the six districts of Cyprus, and is situated on the southern coast of the country. It has the largest airport in the country, the Larnaca International Airport, and also one of the four main ports of entry, the Larnaca Marina....

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Larnaca History - Larnaca

Larnaca History

Originally known as Kition, Larnaca is the oldest city in the island of Cyprus. Its ancient history traces back almost 6000 years, with the Mycenaean Age around 1400 BC. It established itself as the main seaport with the arrival of the Greeks during the 13th Century BC. With attacks, revolts and...

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Larnaca Today - Larnaca

Larnaca Today

Known to be the oldest city in Cyprus, Larnaca today stands solid on its 6000 year history, along with its modern developments to be one of the main cities in the south of Cyprus today. Larnaca has the second largest seaport in the island and the largest international airport in the country, the...

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Larnaca's Residents - Larnaca

Larnaca's Residents

Larnaca is home to the largest number of foreigners and tourists in the country. Despite being one of the largest cities on the island, the people of Larnaca still remain small-town, friendly and hospitable to everyone. Even though there are so many diverse cultures and influences on the people,...

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Public Holidays - Larnaca

Public Holidays

1 Jan New Year's Day.
6 Jan Epiphany.
15 Feb Green Monday.
25 Mar Greek Independence Day.
1 Apr Greek Cypriot National Day.
2 Apr Greek Orthodox Good Friday.
5 Apr Greek Orthodox Easter Monday.
1 May Labour Day.
24 May Pentecost (Kataklysmos)....

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Visa Information - Larnaca

Visa Information

Most people require a Cyprus Visa to enter into Larnaca, even for a transit visit. For a complete list of which countries require a visa, it is advisable to contact the embassy or visit the website www.larnaca.com/v/visa_requirements.
The different types of visas available...

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