Shanghai's streets are dotted with thousands of taxis. Some taxi operators are ventures between Chinese and foreign companies. Taxis are not as efficient a means of transport because of the frequent traffic jams and the fact that many of the drivers do not speak English and are often new to the city. Nevertheless they are still a relatively inexpensive means of transport. Make sure you take a metered taxi to avoid later arguments with the taxi driver. Rates vary depending on the time of the day [rates are significantly higher during rush hour and after 11 P.M] and the distance traveled.

Price: Y 11 [3km or less] + Y 2.10 for each km traveled after

Contact one of the following reliable taxi operators:

Jin Jiang Taxi
 Tel: 021-6275-8800

Da Zhong Taxi
 Tel: 021-6258-1688

Qiang Sheng Taxi
 Tel: 021-6258-0000