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From the airport

ImageFrom Pudong International Airport:


Visitors can take a cab to city center. Taxis should only be taken from the taxi station at the airport outside the terminal; tourists are advised not to take taxis whose drivers beckon them as these are not metered. The ride to Puxi takes about 60 minutes and will cost around 150 Yuans.


Alternatively visitors can take the airport bus which offloads passengers at a number of hotels. Passengers should choose which bus to board accordingly. These rides cost between 20 and 30 Yuans. The ride is long- almost 90 minutes but the buses operate every 10 to 20 minutes between 7 A.M and midnight.


Tel: 021-6834-6612  


Some hotels provide for free transportation for tourists from the airport to the hotel. Visitors should ask hotel management beforehand.

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