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Transportation - Getting Around in Shanghai - China

Buses - Shanghai


It is not advisable to travel by bus as these tend to be over crowded, uncomfortable [passengers often have to stand] and overrun with pick pockets. Prices vary depending on how far the passenger's destination is and whether the bus is airconditioned or not. The bus numbers denote where this bus...

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Driving Tips - Shanghai

Driving Tips

 It is almost impossible for non-Chinese passport holders to drive in Shanghai. Besides it should be noted that driving in Shanghai is a hassle because of frequent traffic jams and reckless drivers on the road. Driving oneself is not advisable to begin with. Read More

From the airport - Shanghai

From the airport

From Pudong International Airport:
Visitors can take a cab to city center. Taxis should only be taken from the taxi station at the airport outside the terminal; tourists are advised not to take taxis whose drivers beckon them as...

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Shanghai Metro - Shanghai

Shanghai Metro

The underground system is the most efficient means of transportation in Shanghai.Tubes are preferable over the other modes of travel. This network has extensive coverage. Most of Shanghai's attractions are covered by the Metro line 1, 2, 3 [light rail] and 4. More lines have opened and are in the...

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Taxi - Shanghai


Shanghai's streets are dotted with thousands of taxis. Some taxi operators are ventures between Chinese and foreign companies. Taxis are not as efficient a means of transport because of the frequent traffic jams and the fact that many of the drivers do not speak English and are often new to the...

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