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Restaurants in Shanghai - China

1221 - Shanghai


'Down to earth' best describes the atmosphere inside this restaurant whose interior is at the same time chic and elegant. Unpretentious delicious food coupled with reasonable prices makes this a stop worth making. Sea food lovers and vegetarians will both be satisfied by the dishes listed on this...

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Azul and Viva - Shanghai

Azul and Viva

This restaurant is quiet and the ambiance very relaxed, almost peaceful. Traditional dishes with a modern twist are served. The ingredients are fresh and the food tasty with a diverse menu to choose from.
Cuisine: Contemporary
Address: 18 Dongping Lu, Xuhui
Tel: 021-6433-1172...

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Ba Guo Bu Yi - Shanghai

Ba Guo Bu Yi

Good quality traditional Sichuan dishes are served here which means a lot of spicy delights. The food is delicious and there is a vast array of dishes to choose from.
Cuisine: Chinese
Address: Hongqiao Lu 1676
Tel: 021-6270-6668...

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Bao Luo - Shanghai

Bao Luo

This restaurant is very busy, the atmosphere noisy and boisterous. Originally opened to cater to the tourists visiting Shanghai it is popular amongst locals as well. Traditional dishes are served using classically Chinese ingredients which are fresh and delectable.
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Bellagio - Shanghai


The décor of this restaurant is chic and sophisticated. It is very popular amongst nostalgic Taiwanese expats but its clientele has now grown to include locals and other foreigners who flock to eat the tasty Taiwanese dishes.
Cuisine: Taiwanese
Address: 778 Huangjin Cheng Dao, by...

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Danieli's - Shanghai


This is an extremely posh restaurant located in the St. Regis Hotel. The décor and interior are contemporary and elegant. The specialty as is expected of Italian cuisine is the different pastas that are served here. The deserts too are delectable. Customers will not regret eating here. Read More

Di Shui Dong - Shanghai

Di Shui Dong

This restaurant offers quality food though the ambience is not too exciting. Dishes listed on the menu are diverse with everything being served from chicken to sea food to lamb to vegetarian delights. The food is spicy.
Cuisine: Chinese
Address: Maoming Nan Lu 57

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Element Fresh - Shanghai

Element Fresh

This restaurant is very popular leading to a noisy and boisterous atmosphere. Originally opened to cater to the expatriates residing in Shanghai, it has quite a loyal following now. Salads, soups and sandwiches made from fresh ingredients along with fresh fruit juices and smoothies are available...

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