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Festivals in Shanghai - China

Chinese New Year & Spring Festival - Shanghai

Chinese New Year & Spring Festival

This event occurs annually and the time is not fixed as it is planned on the basis of the lunar calendar. This is the most important in the traditional Chinese holidays and an auspicious time for the Chinese people. Loved ones are visited and special food is cooked and eaten. Red is the predominant...

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Dragon Boat Festival - Shanghai

Dragon Boat Festival

This annual festival honors and celebrates the Chinese hero Qu Yuan who stood up against the emperor and drowned himself to protest the corruption of the Chinese royals. Dragon boat races take place whilst people eat delicacies like rice enveloped by bamboo leaves....

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International Art Festival - Shanghai

International Art Festival

 This annual festival is the brain child of the Ministry of Culture. It lasts one whole month and includes a number of performances centered on dance, song, orchestras, opera, magic shows and other theatrical performances. The purpose is to promote both traditional Chinese culture as well as...

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Lantern Festival - Shanghai

Lantern Festival

Fifteen days after the Chinese New Year, on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month the lantern festival is celebrated. It celebrates the joy of the warmth of the sun after a long and cold winter and marks the end of the New Year celebrations. Beautiful exotic lanterns are made which are of...

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Mid Autumn Festival - Shanghai

Mid Autumn Festival

This is also known as the moon festival and is an annual event. It is a time for people to get together with their friends and families and enjoy their company whilst munching on delicious moon cakes. These moon cakes have a variety of fillings, such as egg, beef, red beans, lotus paste etc. ...

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SH Contemporary - Shanghai

SH Contemporary

This four day long festival held every September is anxiously awaited for by Shanghai's art lovers and enthusiasts. The venue is the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Numerous artists display their contemporary art over here....

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Shanghai International Ballet Competition - Shanghai

Shanghai International Ballet Competition

This stupendous competition has participants from more than 14 countries worldwide. It showcases works by international choreographers, classical ballets and newer works using classical technique and Chinese folk dance to tell Chinese folk stories. Prizes are given to deserving participants, the...

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Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival - Shanghai

Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival

Tea lovers and tea producers make their way to Shanghai for this annual festival which lasts one whole week. China is renowned for tea thought to be excellent not just to satisfy one's thirst but as a cure for a number of diseases. Shennongshi an ancient chief about 5000 years ago, went about...

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