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Shanghai's Residents

ImageShanghai has a population of over 18 million people. About one third of these are migrants from within and without the country most notably from Taiwan. A variety of religions are practiced by its residents ranging from Taoism and Buddhism to Catholicism, Islam and Judaism.


The residents of Shanghai enjoy a high standard of living and have experienced growth in their real incomes especially because of the city's port activities [it is the 5th largest and 2nd busiest port in the world], the ever growing construction industry, and lastly because of the budding tourist industry.


Shanghai's residents are extremely patriotic and have the utmost respect for Chinese culture and traditions observing their festivals with enthusiasm. At the same time their dynamism is evident in the gradual changes in their lifestyles- consumerism and nuclear families are both on the rise. As opposed to residents of other cities of China, Shanghai's residents are much more cosmopolitan and more Westernized.

More General Information About Shanghai - China

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