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The Hong Kong Cultural Centre

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre Hong KongThe Hong Kong Cultural Center is located on Salisbury Road in the South western tip of Tsimshatsui of Kowloon district. This is the center to visit for a variety of cultural experiences. The Hong Kong Philhamornic Orchestra is based out of the concert hall which can accommodate 2,019 people. This two tiered structure is done in oak and has incredible acoustics. It has an 8000 pipe organ which is Asia's largest. The Grand theater is the place for large scale Operas, Musicals and Ballets and can accommodate over 1, 700 people. This is in 3 tiers. The Studio Theater is for smaller plays and performances accommodating 300 to 496 seats as adjusted. Besides, this amazing structure also has an Exhibition Gallery, four exhibition areas and many practice and changing rooms.



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