Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the first day of the lunar month. This is the most important festival in the calendar based on the legend of Nien, the fearsome monster that attacked the homes and people of the Yellow river area. Nien was afraid only of the color red, noise and bright lights. It is believed that on the 365th evening the dragon disappeared after the villagers used this against him. Every year, traditionally the 365th evening (and at least for three days afterwards, traditionally for 15 days) is celebrated with drums, bright lights, fireworks, parades, dragon and lion dancers. A lot of red is used in the dresses, head gear, the painted masks, and street decorations. Children run around with bright red envelopes carrying money (Lai see). This dazzling fervor and gaiety is bewitching and probably this is one of the most unique festivals of the world. Bonus is given in companies, great feasts are held and delicious food prepared, Chinese age old traditions and the Gods of wealth, food and prosperity are remembered.

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