When to go

With the highest temperature ever recorded being 36.1 °C  and the lowest 0 °C, Hong Kong is a destination one can visit almost all year round. While spring is pleasant ie around March, April, autumn months of October, November and even December are considered the best time to visit as Hong Kong has sunny and clear days in this period. Summer season is humid and warm with lots of rain, thunderstorms and occasional tropical cyclones, though the city has a good warning system in place. Winter is again not extremely severe, except for the wind chill factor, but towards February it starts getting cloudy. All hotels offer discounts during the off season.

The Chinese New Year celebration period at the end of January/ beginning February is a great time to visit, except for the fact that hotels charge peak rates, tickets are expensive and there are huge crowds. Another peak period is vacation weeks all over China. These begin on May 1st and October 1st. The Dragon Boat Festival (varying dates) is again a popular period of visit. There are many exhibitions, fairs and golf tournaments in Hong Kong. It is advisable to check dates in advance for hotel availability and rates.