Hong Kong Residents

Over 90% of the people of Hong Kong are Chinese with Cantonese background; others are the Hakka Chinese who are mainly the landowners, while Hoklo and Tankla are the fishermen and 'boat people'. There is huge diversity amongst the Chinese themselves in Hong Kong, besides Hong Kong is a confluence of many Asian and western cultures and the younger generation prefers to be associated as Hong Kong residents rather than call themselves Chinese or otherwise. Amongst other Asians, the Indians, Pakistanis and Nepalese are the largest resident population. The large numbers of Philipinos and Indonesians are mainly temporary workers. The great business opportunities attract a huge force from the west and parts of Asia. These people may stay for long periods and hence there is a perpetual inflow of fresh ideas, cultures and vitality giving Hong Kong its ever moving yet very special feel.


People of Hong Kong are hard working, educated, adaptable and perpetually in the quest of making money. They say this city never sleeps. One will always find huge crowds, rushing to work, rushing to the restaurants in the afternoon, rushing back late evening and then partying hard at night.


Even though Hong Kong has the world's lowest birth rate it is one of the most densely populated cities of the world, with more than 7 million inhabitants. The foreign population is estimated at about 5,18,000. Majority live in high rise buildings. Open space is so short that it is reserved for woods, parks and common open spaces for all to enjoy.


Chinese and English are the official languages and English is used widely in the corporate, business, financial, legal and even Government sectors. Many are bi-lingual.


Hong Kong has traditionally three main religions, though all blend into the other a bit. Buddhism and Taoism - of Indian origin and the religion of Confucius from China. Yet all main religions of the world are represented and their festivals celebrated with zeal.


Golf in sports has really picked up and Hong Kong boasts of 5 beautiful courses. Fishing is very popular, and so is cycling. There are well organized bike paths especially in the New Territories. For hikers, the Lantau Island and Maclehose Trail in the New Territories are excellent, besides the county parks.  Swimmers and beach surfers find excellent beaches in the outlying islands.