Fast Facts

Location: Between 22  15 N and 114  10 E, Hong Kong is in Southeast Asia. China mainland is to its North and South China Sea to its South, West and East.


Hong Kong is divided as per location into four main districts. In the Hong Kong Island's northern area the world famous skyline consisting of its skyscrapers can be seen. Here lies all the government offices, corporate offices, shopping districts and social and nightlife areas. The southern part has the more upmarket residential area, the parks, leisure activities and beaches.


Kowloon is another part of Hong Kong and refers to the peninsula which is North of Hong Kong Island and is highly populated. Its name signifies nine dragons referring to hills of the region.


The third region is the New Territories. This has newer towns, industries, farms, small villages and parks and has a hilly terrain.


Lastly are the Outlying Islands. These are some 234 islands of various sizes, some much bigger than the Hong Kong Island and others just a speck.


Dialling code: +852. There is no zip code


Emergency numbers:
Emergency Service (Police, Fire, Ambulance): 999
General Police Enquiries: 2527 7177
Directory Enquiries:  1081
Weather:  187 8066
Overseas IDD and card phone enquiries: 10013
Collect calls: 10010
Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Hotline: 2508 1234
Hong Kong International Airport (24 hrs): 2181 0000
Hong Kong Immigration Department (24 hrs): 2824 6111
Tourist Information Hotline: 28076177
Hong Kong Post office Hotline: 29212222
Time: 18501


UAE Consulate (General enquiry): +852-28661823                                                 


Address: Unit 2205-6, Mass Mutual Tower,
38 Gloucestor Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong    


Population: 7.155 million


Languages: Both Chinese and English are the official languages. Cantonese is recognized as the most popular dialect. With its new status, Mandarin is gaining popularity. Most signs are in Chinese and English and it is easy for tourists to find their way about.


Time Zone: Hong Kong Standard time: GMT + 8 hrs. There is no daylight saving time.


Average January temperature: Min 14 (°C) 56 (°F)

                                                       Max 19 (°C) 65 (°F)


Average July temperature:        Min 27 (°C) (80 (°F))    

                                                       Max 31(°C)  (89 (°F)


Average Rainfall: January is the driest month, with average rainfall per month of 23.4 mm. August is the wettest month with average rainfall of 391.4 mm. Between May and September is the period of more than 80% of year round rain.