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General Information About Hong Kong - China

Annual Temperature - Hong Kong

Annual Temperature

Months              Minimum°C   Maximum °C 
January                 ...

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Exchange Rates - Hong Kong

Exchange Rates

Currency : Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 100 cents to a dollar


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Fast Facts - Hong Kong

Fast Facts

Location: Between 22  15 N and 114  10 E, Hong Kong is in Southeast Asia. China mainland is to its North and South China Sea to its South, West and East.

Hong Kong is divided as per location into four main districts. In the Hong Kong Island's northern area...

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Hong Kong History - Hong Kong

Hong Kong History

Humans have lived in Hong Kong for 30,000 years, but did not enter the history books until the third century BC.  In the year 221BC, Hong Kong was incorporated into the Qin Dynasty.  For many centuries, it was just a small town, supported by the fishing and pearl industries. ...

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Hong Kong Residents - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Residents

Over 90% of the people of Hong Kong are Chinese with Cantonese background; others are the Hakka Chinese who are mainly the landowners, while Hoklo and Tankla are the fishermen and 'boat people'. There is huge diversity amongst the Chinese themselves in Hong Kong, besides Hong Kong is a confluence...

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Hong Kong today - Hong Kong

Hong Kong today

Today Hong Kong is internationally known as a strong financial and corporate center. It has the world's 7th highest GDP per capita. Foreign investment has a huge role to play here still. There are over 4,000 foreign companies which have their base here. Hong Kong practices free trade, has easy...

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Visa Information - Hong Kong

Visa Information

In Hong Kong, UAE nationals have visa free access for 30 days. However they must have proof of funds for comfortable stay during this period and have onward or return tickets.
Visa is required and must be obtained from the nearest...

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When to go - Hong Kong

When to go

With the highest temperature ever recorded being 36.1 °C  and the lowest 0 °C, Hong Kong is a destination one can visit almost all year round. While spring is pleasant ie around March, April, autumn months of October, November and even December are considered the best time to visit as Hong Kong...

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