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Shopping in Beijing - China

China World Trade Centre - Beijing

China World Trade Centre

This is another of Beijing's famous shopping malls. A range of international brands have set up shop here including Louis Vuitton. The food court is also very good and there is a Starbucks located here too.
Address: Jianguo Men Wai...

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Five Colors Earth - Beijing

Five Colors Earth

For fashion lovers this is definitely the place to head to. Beautiful tops and smart jackets are available here and these clothes reflect a perfect fusion of East meets west. Whilst the cuts are contemporary the look is distinctly Chinese.   Address: Dongzhimen Nandajie 10

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Guang Han Tang - Beijing

Guang Han Tang

This is the best store to buy antiques- though pricey their antiquity and authenticity are guaranteed. Many of these antiques consist of wooden boxes, carvings, etc.   Address: Caochangdi Tel: 010-8456-7943 Website: www.guanghantang.com  ...

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Haoyuan Market - Beijing

Haoyuan Market

In addition to a lot of Mao memorabilia lots of other souvenirs are available as well. Address: West of Wangfujing Dajie   ...

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Landao Dasha - Beijing

Landao Dasha

This department store is varied in the shops that have set up and the products that are sold. Locally produced good quality clothes and shoes are available here at extremely reasonable prices.
Address: Chaoyang Men Wai Dajie 8Read More

Lufthansa Youyi Shopping Centre - Beijing

Lufthansa Youyi Shopping Centre

While much of what is sold here is over priced and readily available in other shopping areas, a few of the Arts and Crafts shops are worth the visit. In addition there are a number of wonderful boutiques that have set up shop here- a look at the clothes is worth it. A bookstore and supermarket is...

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Malian Dao - Beijing

Malian Dao

This market consists of a number of stalls selling tea- there is a diverse range of these and an even more diverse range of flavors. Chinese tea is world famous and visitors should definitely take some back with them.

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Oriental Plaza - Beijing

Oriental Plaza

This massive shopping center is arguably the most famous of Beijing's shopping centers. There are several clothes and shoe shops and many designer labels are housed under this roof. A huge Sony shop is also located here.   Address: Dong Chang'an Dajie 1
Tel: 010-8518-6363

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