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Restaurants in Beijing - China

Ariya - Beijing


Decadent best describes the interior of this restaurant. The Sea food dishes are marvelous and the deserts are to die for.

Cuisine: European
Address: Inside the China World Hotel
Tel: 010-6505-2266  ...

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Cafe Sambal - Beijing

Cafe Sambal

This restaurant provides outstanding service and offers a vast array of dishes to choose from. Sea food is the specialty and all kinds of it- lobster to crab to shrimp to trout are excellently cooked. The vegetarian dishes are also delicious.  
Cuisine: Malaysian
Address: Doufu...

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Dao Jia Chang - Beijing

Dao Jia Chang

This restaurant is very busy- the atmosphere is noisy and boisterous. Traditional and contemporary Chinese dishes are served here.

Cuisine: Chinese
Address: Guangxi Men Beili 20
Tel: 010-6422-1078 ...

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Hot Pot - Beijing

Hot Pot

No trip to China is complete without trying hot pot.  You start with a cauldron of boiling broth and add whatever meat (usually deli sliced), noodles, and vegetables you want.  Traditionally, mutton is used, but pretty much anything you could want is available depending on the restaurant, from...

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Huangcheng Lao Ma - Beijing

Huangcheng Lao Ma

Quality Chinese food is served here. The sea food dishes are exceptionally good but there is much else to choose from. The interior is uncluttered and simple- all in all a delectable meal at affordable prices. 

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Kejia Cai - Beijing

Kejia Cai

This restaurant is especially interesting because the interior  epitomizes Han culture. Han cuisine known as 'Hakka' is at its ultimate here. The shrimp and other sea-food dishes are the specialty. Arguably the best food in all of Beijing is served here. Read More

Le Cafe Igosso - Beijing

Le Cafe Igosso

'Down to earth' best describes the atmosphere inside this restaurant. Unpretentious delicious food coupled with reasonable prices makes this a stop worth making. Sea food lovers and vegetarians will both be satisfied by the dishes listed on this menu. The pastas as in any Italian restaurant are...

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Lily Vegetarian Restaurant - Beijing

Lily Vegetarian Restaurant

This is a family restaurant. The interior is simple and sparkling clean. Absolutely divine vegetarian dishes are served here. The soups, the broths, salads and rolls are cooked using quality ingredients.
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Address: Bei San Huan Jimen Qiao

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