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Milu Park

Milu Park BeijingThis is a fantastic and enjoyable place for adults and children alike. It's a great place to view wildlife in conditions far different than those in a zoo. The Milu are a rare kind of deer which were on the verge of extinction towards the end of the Qing Dynasty. As a result of the efforts of Lord Bedford, Milu from all over Europe were brought to this Park and numbers have gone up significantly. The World Extinct Wildlife Cemetery should definitely be visited to learn more about other endangered species. Historically these grounds are important since this is where the Yuan, Ming and Qing rulers hunted and carried out military exercises.

Timings: Daily 8 A.M- 5 30 P.M
Admission: Y 20
Address: Nan Haizi Milu Yuan
Tel: 010-8796-2105
Website: www.milupark.org.cn 



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