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Military Museum of the People's Revolution

altThis fascinating museum dedicated to China’s military and its history first opened in 1960.  The building’s edifice is a striking example of Socialist Realism.  Even before entering the museum, there’s no doubt that it’s related to the military.  Outside is a row of artillery cannons and a decommissioned boat.  Once you get inside, the main hall is filled with tanks, planes, and a rocket.

One interesting thing about the museum is that (unsurprisingly) everything is told from the Chinese perspective.  The Korean War exhibit is called the Hall of the War to resist US Aggression and Aide Korea.  It can be a little jarring as a foreigner (and some of it is propaganda), but it’s also very informative and may expand your horizons.  The top floor is dedicated to ancient warfare, and while most of the items on display are recreations, the weaponry and suits of armor are still cool.

Though it’s located away from other attractions, the museum has its own subway stop and is easily accessible.  The gift shop upstairs has some unique items on sale, including lots of models.  It’s a good place to buy souvenirs.  Even though it’s meant for patriotic Chinese, this is regardless one of the coolest museum’s in China and a must see for anyone into history or the military.

Subway: Military Museum Station (Line 1)
Hours: 08:30-16:00
Admission charge.


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