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Lama Temple

Lama Temple BeijingThis temple dates back to the 1690s. Traditionally it belonged to the next Yongzheng Emperor but after the seat of the empire was shifted to the Forbidden City in the 1740s this building was converted into a temple. They are some magnificent incense burners located here in addition to statues of some significant protagonists of Tibetan Buddhism. The most beautiful amongst these is the statue of Maitreya or Buddha which is about 60 feet tall and carved from, so it is said, a single piece of white sandalwood. This is one of China's most famed and important temples and so a must stop for all tourists.


Timings: Daily 9 A.M- 4 P.M
Admission: Y 25
Address: Yonghe Gong Dajie 12
Tel: 010-6404-3769


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