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Dong Yue Miao

Dong Yue Miao BeijingThis is one of the finest temples dedicated to Daoism. This was built in the early 1320s to honor the god Dong Yue thought to reside in the mountain known as Tai Shan.  This god's duties entailed looking after the different levels of hell as well as after the over 70 departments each of which were dedicated to a specific cause such as accumulating wealth, pity/ sympathy, etc.  Believers come to beseech the god to fulfill every wish of theirs and bring along with them various offerings.


Timings: Tuesday- Sunday 8 A.M- 4 30 P.M
Admission: Y 10
Address: Chaoyang Men Wai Dajie 141
Tel: 010-6551-0151



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