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Confucius Temple

Confucius Temple BeijingThis is a significant temple since it was built in 1306 to honor revered Chinese philosopher and thinker Confucius. The temple houses some ancient musical instruments worth looking at [Confucius thought music was key to self- development]; apart from that they are about 190 stele with Confucius' Classics inscribed on them. In the courtyard of the temple are inscribed the names of those students who secured top marks in the imperial examination during the different dynasties [the imperial exams were of prime significance since it was key to improving your position in society]. Students still come to burn incense and pray during the exam periods over here.

Timings: Daily 8 30 A.M- 4 30 P.M
Admission: Y 10
Address: Guo Zi Jian Jie 13
Tel: 010-8401-1977



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