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Hotels in Beijing - China

Bamboo Garden Hotel - Beijing

Bamboo Garden Hotel

This is a famous courtyard hotel of Beijing popular amongst tourists. It has a very good location being situated in the Dongcheng District. The décor is very traditional with traditional Chinese furniture, lanterns, courtyards, bamboo shades etc being made use of for decorating the place. Rumor...

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China World Hotel - Beijing

China World Hotel

This hotel is located in the Choayang District. The location is excellent. The rooms and bathrooms are tastefully furnished and more than comfortable and the service is outstanding. In room facilities include a mini-bar, a hair dryer, a safe, an AC and a TV along with broadband internet. Hotel...

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Far East Youth Hostel - Beijing

Far East Youth Hostel

Homely best describes the ambience of this hostel/ hotel. Rooms and bathrooms are big enough. Charges are more than reasonable especially considering the closeness of this hotel to the metro stations. In room facilities include a TV, AC and fridge. Hotel facilities include a restaurant, laundry...

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Feiying Binguan - Beijing

Feiying Binguan

This hotel cum hostel has extremely reasonable rates, whilst guests have to help themselves to most things the rooms and bathrooms are quite comfortable. The hotel's proximity to the metro station and bus stops is a huge advantage as well. In room facilities include the TV and AC. Hotel facilities...

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Grand Hotel - Beijing

Grand Hotel

This hotel was built in 1990. The location is excellent and rooms look out on to the Forbidden City. Rooms and bathrooms are spacious enough with elegant furnishings. In room facilities include a mini-bar, a hair dryer, a safe, an AC and Satellite TV along with broadband internet. Hotel facilities...

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Haoyuan Binguan - Beijing

Haoyuan Binguan

This hotel has a good location. It is a renovated house belonging to the Qing Period. The décor keeps in mind the style of that time- lanterns, statues of lions, canopies and courtyards are all to be found. Rooms are quite comfortable. In room facilities include a fridge, AC and satellite TV and a...

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Hilton Beijing - Beijing

Hilton Beijing

This hotel is located in northeast Chaoyang. Hilton is famous worldwide for its service which fails to disappoint. The décor of the rooms and bathrooms is both chic and stylish. In room facilities include a mini-bar, a hair dryer, a safe, an AC and satellite TV. Hotel facilities include...

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Lusong Yuan Binguan - Beijing

Lusong Yuan Binguan

This small hotel has been erected on the site of the house of a senior military officer belonging to the Qing Dynasty. The decor is fantastic- the detailing is intricate and Chinese culture, traditions and styles are paid tribute to. Room facilities include an AC and TV and hotel facilities include...

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