Visa Information

General Visa Information

A valid passport is required by foreign nationals in order to enter Beijing. The passport must be valid for the following six months at least.  The visa required is a tourist visa [which may be single, double or multiple entry]. The period for which the visa is valid is stamped on the passport.

It is necessary to know when, where and for how long you will be staying. Confirmed accommodations and transit information is required for the tourist visa. Intended tourists must also prove that they have sufficient funds to cover their stay.

Nationals of Singapore, Japan and Brunei do not need a visa to stay in Beijing for a period of up to 15 days. For others, visas can be acquired from the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate.

UAE Specific

Holders of a valid UAE passport can enter Beijing with a tourist visa. UAE Nationals must apply for this visa via the Chinese embassy or consulate. Documents required include a completed visa application form, a valid passport, a copy of the U.A.E. residence visa, a passport sized photograph, a letter of invitation from an individual/ company in China, a letter from the company in which one is employed, a copy of the return ticket, hotel reservations and bank statements.

Consulate of the People's Republic of China

Villa no. 14, Street no. 8, Community 357, Umm al Sheif Road Safa 2 Area
P.O. Box 9348
Tel: +971-4-3944733
Fax: +971-4-3952207

Embassy of the People's Republic of China

Al Khaleej Arabic Street, Street No-30/17
Villa No- 672
Plot no. 26, Sector No. W-22
Near Khalidiya Cooperative Society
P.O Box 2741
Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971-2-4434276
Fax: +971-2-4436835