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altThe city is served by a network of 150 bus routes, many of these form a grid along main streets, and all of them (except for the #99 and #171 routes) connect to one or more subway or RT stations. An overnight bus service called the Blue Night Network runs on most major routes every morning from 1:30 am-5:00 am. Women travelling alone on buses between 9:00pm and 5:00am can use the Request Stop program.

Timings: 6 A.M- 1 A.M
Price:  C$2.75 [Adults] 70 cents [Children]  exact cash required
Tel: 416-393-4636
Website: www.ttc.ca
.....ii- The Toronto subway and RT
 This is a rapid transit railway network in Toronto and is Canada's largest, consisting of 4 lines and 69 stations on 68.3 km of track. The subway system is the most popular public transport in Toronto. A single flat fare is applicable for any trip within the city regardless of distance or transfers. Crowded places such as subways offer perfect oppurtunities to pickpockets so it is advisable to take extra care or your belongings. TTC subways run every 2 minutes 40 seconds during peak periods, and every 5 minutes at other times.

Timings: 6 A.M- 1:30 A.M
Price: $2.75
Tel: 416-393-4636
Website: www.ttc.ca

.....iii- Streetcar
An interesting feature of the TTC is the streetcar system. Toronto has the second largest streetcar system in the world. Most of the 11 streetcar routes are in the downtown centre, and all connect to the subway. To avoid accident, when exiting the streetcar, it is important to look right and ensure traffic has stopped.

Timings: 6 A.M- 1:30 A.M
Price: C$2.75 [Adults] 70 cents [Children]- exact cash required
Tel: 416-393-4636
Website: www.ttc.ca

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