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Transportation - Getting Around in Toronto - Canada

Buses - Toronto


The city is served by a network of 150 bus routes, many of these form a grid along main streets, and all of them (except for the #99 and #171 routes) connect to one or more subway or RT stations. An overnight bus service called the Blue Night Network runs on most major routes every morning from...

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Driving Tips - Toronto

Driving Tips

Tourists driving in Toronto must first acquire a ‘Canadian Nonresident Interprovince Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card' or 'Visitor to Canada Insurance'.
Car rental agencies in Toronto stipulate that you must be 21 years of age when hiring a car, although for some agencies this is 26...

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From the airport - Toronto

From the airport

From Toronto Pearson International Airport:
Buses such as the 192 Airport Rocket,  58A Malton, 300A Bloor-Danforth, 307 Eglinton West  provide all-day and overnight bus services between Stations and the Airport. One-way travel times vary from 20-45 minutes

Alternately, you can...

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