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Restaurants in Toronto - Canada

 Greg’s Ice cream - Toronto

Greg’s Ice cream

Greg’s homemade ice cream is incredibly addictive. There are a variety of constantly changing flavours and staff is liberal with tastings. It’s hard to pick a favourite but be sure to try out the roasted marshmallow ice cream.

Cuisine: Desserts
Address: 750 Spadina AvenueRead More

 La Palette - Toronto

La Palette

This is a terrific French Bistro, comfortable and casual, with efficient service. Their food is classic, from ballantine of chicken stuffed with peppers and rice to lamb chops with a crispy coating of mustard and rosemary. Be sure to try the sumptuous citron tart and dark-chocolate cake.
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 Senses - Toronto


Appropriately named; dining here is a treat for the senses. The décor is tranquil, there is soothing background music and the food is just divine. Try their delicious starters; the lobster and scallops covered with Osetra caviar and spicy mayonnaise. For the main-dish, triple-seared beef...

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 Senses Bakery - Toronto

Senses Bakery

Senses offers light, appropriate food for lunch, but the ultimate reason to visit this bakery is undoubtedly their mouth-watering selection of pastry confections and chocolates

Cuisine: Desserts
Address: 2 Queen St E.
Tel: (416) 364-7303 ...

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Asia Republik - Toronto

Asia Republik

Offering quality food at cheap rates, Asia Republik serves up treats from around Asia- Pad Thai, Malaysian Noodles and Szechwan classics. Try their deliciously imaginative dishes like the soft-shell crab curry with ginger sticky rice. This restaurant also makes vegetarian food. If you don’t want...

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Bistro 990 - Toronto

Bistro 990

Bistro 990 is a favourite with celebrities. The menu proffers hors d'oeuvres, such as octopus and vegetables in citrus marinade. The main dishes are classics like roasted half chicken with garlic mashed potatoes. For dessert, opt for the Pineapple Tarte Tatin which is highly delectable and made...

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Cava - Toronto


Though Cava is a little bit hard to find, it is totally worth the effort. A veritable treasure trove of delicious dishes, you can’t go wrong if you order their salt cod cake with chipotle cream, or four oysters on the half-shell with tomatillo salsa, and 3-minute flank steak with chimichurri.Read More

Edward Levesque’s Kitchen - Toronto

Edward Levesque’s Kitchen

This bistro presents elegant and utterly heavenly cuisine and smooth service. The entire menu is divine making it hard to choose from grilled leg of lamb rubbed with cumin and garlic, or an asparagus, chive and lemon risotto with Atlantic salmon. This Kitchen is all the rage at brunch time...

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