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Festivals in Toronto - Canada

Canadian International Auto Show - Toronto

Canadian International Auto Show

This show, held every February, features official displays by the world’s top automobile manufacturers. Featured are, classic cars, rare cars and race cars of well known brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Ford, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. ...

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Canadian Music Week - Toronto

Canadian Music Week

During the Canadian Music Week, hundreds of artists play at 40 venues around the city over the course of four nights. This event also includes a film festival and other industry events. ...

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City of Toronto Festival of Architecture and Design  - Toronto

City of Toronto Festival of Architecture and Design

Films, lectures, readings and walking tours take place around Toronto. This event features the works of international architects, designers, activists and academics. ...

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Doors Open Toronto  - Toronto

Doors Open Toronto

This event showcases many of the city's unique and historically important buildings to the public.Over 140 buildings around the city offer free admittance so you can explore the breath-taking architecture without it. ...

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Easter Weekend - Toronto

Easter Weekend

Brunches, egg hunts, sunrise services and a parade mark Easter in Toronto. ...

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Grand Prix of Toronto - Toronto

Grand Prix of Toronto

Held annually, this race track is 2.82km long and the race is run by drivers of international repute. ...

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Hot Docs- Canadian International Documentary Festival - Toronto

Hot Docs- Canadian International Documentary Festival

“Hot Docs” is North America’s largest documentary film festival. The festival showcases a100 films from around the world. ...

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International Dragon Boat Festival - Toronto

International Dragon Boat Festival

This festival is a two-day spectacular event that brings together sports and entertainment in a multicultural atmosphere. Close to 180 teams compete in over 100 races. Athletes from all over the world take part in this ancient Chinese tradition and friendly competition. ...

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