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Toronto’s Residents

altThere are over 2 million people residing in Toronto, making it the largest city in Canada. Toronto's population is cosmopolitan and international, depicting its importance as a destination for immigrants. Toronto is truly a global city, as about 49% of the population were born outside of Canada. Torontonians ethnicities are diverse; made up of Europeans, South-Asians, Chinese, African-Americans, Filipinios and even Aboriginals. Christianity is the most dominant religion here, followed by Judaism and Islam. While English is the main language, there are over 100 other languages spoken, thus the city’s 911 emergency services are equipped to respond in over 150 languages.
Toronto has low crime rates and a clean, green environment. Torontians have high living standards, and a friendly attitude towards diversity, thus Toronto is consistently rated as one of the world's most livable cities.

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