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General Information About Toronto - Canada

Annual Temperature - Toronto

Annual Temperature

a- January
1. High  -1 °C
2. Low      - 8 °C 

b- February
1.    High   0 °C
2.    Low  - 8 °C 

c- March
1.   High  4 °C
2.   Low  - 3 °C

d- April
1.   High  10 °C Read More

Exchange Rate - Toronto

Exchange Rate

The currency used in Toronto is the Canadian Dollar (CAD) {loadposition currency}    ...

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Fast Facts - Toronto

Fast Facts

Toronto is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Canada.
630 square kilometres

Dialing code:
Area Code:
+416 / 647 / 905
Emergency Numbers:
Fire: 911
Police: 911Read More

Public Holidays - Toronto

Public Holidays

- January 1:  New Year's Day

-Third Monday of February: Family Day

-March/April: Good Friday

-March/April: Easter Monday

-Monday preceding May 25: Victoria Day

-July 1: Canada Day

-First Monday of September: Labour...

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Toronto History - Toronto

Toronto History

Toronto’s histoy dates back to 1615, when Etienne Brûlé arrived on a mission for a French explorer, who had already founded a settlement at Québec. This discovered land, became known as Toronto, a name that may have been derived from a Mohawk name for a sacred fallen tree.

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Toronto today  - Toronto

Toronto today

Toronto is the most populated city in Canada. As the country's economic capital, it is considered a global city and one of the top financial centres in the world. Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in terms of non-native-born residents. This city is dynamic; with constant redevelopment, new...

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Toronto’s Residents - Toronto

Toronto’s Residents

There are over 2 million people residing in Toronto, making it the largest city in Canada. Toronto's population is cosmopolitan and international, depicting its importance as a destination for immigrants. Toronto is truly a global city, as about 49% of the population were born outside of Canada....

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Visa Information - Toronto

Visa Information

To visit Toronto, you must have at least a six month valid passport. Intended tourists must also be in good health and satisfy an immigration officer that they will leave Canada at the end of their visit, and that they have enough funds for the duration of their stay.
The visa may be a...

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