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ImageTaxis are readily available throughout the city, though can be hard to spot, as all of them are not yellow. The only indication is the taxi sign on top of the car.  All taxis use meters, and bargaining is not expected.


Taxis can be ordered by phone. You need to provide a specific pickup address - so if you are already on the road, you need to stand near a particular building and give its address.


A tip of 10-15% is customary, and appreciated.


Taxi Champlain
Telephone: (514) 273 2435
Website: www.taxichamplain.qc.ca


Taxi Co-op
Telephone: (514) 725 9885
Website: www.taxi-coop.com


Taxi Diamond
Telephone: (514) 273 6331
Website: www.taxidiamond.com


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