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ImageThe metro is the most convenient way to get around Montreal, but it does not go everywhere.  If you’re destination is not serviced by the metro, the bus system should suffice.

There are 185 different routes.  Buses marked with an E are Express.  They have fewer stops and are good for longer journeys.  Buses marked with an M, or Metrobuses, make frequent stops.  During rush hour, special bus lanes are cordoned off in downtown, making the bus a more attractive option.  Service is less frequent at night after the Metro closes, with only twenty routes in service.

One trip costs $3.00 and includes transfers.  All Metro tickets and passes are also good on the bus.  One-day ($8.00) and three-day ($16.00) passes are available.  If you’re paying in cash make sure to bring exact change, as drivers do not carry any.

Website: www.stm.info

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