Montreal Eaton Center

Location: 705 Ste-Catherine W., Downtown, Montreal.


Montreal's largest downtown shopping complex, and the ultimate underground shopping paradise! Open all year round, and presents a comfortable shopping experience in all seasons. Has a selection of the best boutiques, and some quite good restaurants.
The Eaton Center has a number of fashion outlets, men and women's wear, jewellery, and other accessories. Some leading retail stores:

Aldo Accessories:
Location: Zone 3126A, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 286-1412
Sells trendy men and womenswear.

Location: Zone 2113A, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 667-3382
Fashion accessories, chains, bracelets, handbags and wallets, sunglasses, watches, hats and scarves, cosmetics. Offers ear and nose piercing. Accepts most credit cards and cash.

Location: Zone UV306, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 849-7630
Wonderful collection of women's bags, handbags, purses, and wallets. Accepts most credit cards and cash.

Key West:
Location: Zone 2145, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 499-9411
Branded sunglasses and watches. Original products. Relatively high prices, though pretty low for these original brands. Sunglasses from Guess, Gucci, Nike, Armani, Versace, C.K. Watches by Citizen, Nike, D.K.N.Y., Casio, Celebrity, Timex, Swatch, Guess. Accepts major credit cards and cash.

Location: Zone KT201, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 844-1222
Good jewellery at good prices.

Location: Zone UDVFA, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 845-7618
Stylish accessories at reasonable prices.

Little Burgundy:
Location: Zone 3104A, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 844-3226
Fashion items and men and women's footwear. Modest prices. Credit cards aaccepted.

Bijouterie Jacomo:
Location: Zone 2104A, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 281-6466
Jewellery of various kinds. Accepts credit cards.

Monte Express:
Location: Zone KT209, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 848-0886
Watches, alarm clocks, and watch and clock batteries and accessories. Also provides repair servies. Accepts major credit cards.

Location: Zone Z213, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 845-9518
Diamonds and gold, silver, and stainless steel jewellery. Brands like Nike, Versace, Seiko, and Nina Ricci.

Carlton Cards:
Location: Zone 2000, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 499-9036
A delightful collection of cards for all occasions. Also sells gift items, collectibles, fancy stationery, gourmet chocolates, and souvenirs. Offers gift wrapping services. Features brands like Sesame Street, Precious Moments, Carebears, and Betty Boop. Accepts major credit cards as well as US dollars.

Viva Cine:
Location: Zone Z110, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 467-5296
High quality photography-related services at modest prices. Printing, editing, etc. Accepts all major credit cards and cash.  

Espace Bell:
Location: Zone Z219, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 842-5300
Sells cellular phones and provides a variety of internet and telephony services. Brands like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Blackberry, LG. Accepts all major credit cards and cash.

Caleçons Vos Goûts:
Location: Zone 2133, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 843-6555
The one-stop shop for men's nightwear and hosiery. Vests, undergarments, pyjamas, swimsuits, socks. Features brands like Armani, C.K., Luk.Accepts all major credit cards and cash. Goods can be exchanged within seven days if not satisfied.

Location: Zone 2138B, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 844-5744.
For every woman's summer party! Swimwear, sunglasses, straw hats, sandals, trendy bags, everything you need to "shine" - in the sun. Accepts major credit cards and cash.

Roda Shoes:
Location: Zone 3143, Eaton Center.
Telephone: (514) 286-0332
Good shoes, great prices. Males and females. Brands such as Sweet, XOXO, Tiffany, Madison. Credit cards welcome.

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