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Lucca (Italian)

ImageLocation: 12 Dante, Montreal.

Telephone: 514-278-6502
Timings: Mondays to Fridays 12pm to 330pm lunches, 6pm to1030pm dinners. Saturdays 6pm to 1030pm only.
Payment: Accepts all major credit cards and cash.

Don't go on its small size! Although usually crowded at peak hours, this place is sure to delight you if you manage to grab a seat. For the best experience, arrive early. Delicious food, good service (slow during peak hours but pretty good overall, with polite waiters), and a comfy setting in the heart of the Little Italy district. The menu keeps being improvised according to the seasons, so visit often to get the best meals. Recommended items on the menu are the pizza and fried fish. The restaurant also has a small open dining terrace.


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