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Vieux Port

Vieux Port - MontrealVieux Port, also known as the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal, is Montreal’s old port repurposed as an upscale waterfront promenade.  The concept is certainly not unique to Montreal, but here it is executed particularly well.  The old port dates back to the original trading post built in 1611.  In the mid-twentieth century, it began to fall into disrepair as operations moved further east to the new Port of Montreal.  In the 1990s it was redeveloped, and today attracts more than seven million visitors per year.

There’s a lot to do along the old quays. The Montreal Science Center and adjoining IMAX is located here, as is the 45m tall Montreal Clock Tower.  Different heritage stations provide an insight into the port’s history, and provide some fun activity for children.  Outdoor cafes provide superb views and great atmosphere.  There are also several boutique shops to explore.  Boat tours launch from here, too.

The Old Port is a must-see attraction.  The long, dimly lit quays along the shoreline present a breathtaking view of Montreal, especially at night.  Keep an eye out for film crews, as this is a hotspot for movie shoots.

Location: 333 Rue de la Communte West, Montreal H2Y 2E2
Telephone: (514) 283 5256
Metro: Place-d’Armes


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