Botanical Garden

The Montreal Botanical Garden "Jardin Botanique" was founded in 1931 thanks to the effort of Brother Marie-Victorin.  It was built up throughout the 1930s, and has continued to expand ever since.  During the 1976 Olympics, it hosted the running portion of the pentathlon and the 20km walk.  The botanical gardens cover 185 acres and are home to more than 22,000 plant species.  It is the largest botanical garden in the world.

The gardens are divided into 31 different sections, arranged according to the blooming seasons of the plants, so the Botanical Garden feels alive throughout the year.  The entire world is represented here – from deserts to rainforests – thanks to numerous greenhouses.  There are also themed gardens from Japan, China, and the Alps among others.  The Insectarium contains more than 180,000 specimens, both living and mounted.  There’s even a tasting section for the adventurous.

The Montreal Botanical Gardens are one of the city’s most treasured attractions.  Whether or not you enjoy the outdoors, you will not want to miss this.  Spend a relaxing afternoon here.  It’s well worth the cost of admission.

Location: 4101 Sherbrooke Road East, Montreal
Metro: Pie-IX
Hours: Open Tuesday through Sunday 09:00-17:00
   $16.50 Adults
   $12.50 Seniors (65+) and Students
   $8.25 Children (5-17)
   $2.50 Children (2-4)

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