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786 Restaurant (Pakistani)

ImageLocation: 768 Jean Talon Ouest, Montreal.

Telehone: (514) 270-0786
Timings:  7 am to 10 pm
Payment: Accepts all major credit cards and cash.
Webiste: http://www.786halalrestaurant.com/index.php

One of the very few, and the very best, places to go for Pakistani food. They claim the food is "always fresh". Traditional Pakistani foods: biryani, qorma, chikken karahi, tikka, and various daals and saags. Weekends have special treats: nihari, paya and haleem. Desserts include carrot halwas, gulab jamuns, and kheer. Top it off with lassi, mango shakes, or the oh-so-popular dood patti tea.



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