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Halal Restaurants in Montreal - Canada

786 Restaurant (Pakistani) - Montreal

786 Restaurant (Pakistani)

Location: 768 Jean Talon Ouest, Montreal.Telehone: (514) 270-0786
Timings:  7 am to 10 pm
Payment: Accepts all major credit cards and cash.
Webiste: http://www.786halalrestaurant.com/index.php

One of the very few, and the very best, places to go for Pakistani...

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Abu Elias (Middle Eastern) - Montreal

Abu Elias (Middle Eastern)

Location: 733 Cote Vertu, Saint Laurent, Montreal.Telehone: (514) 747-7754
Timings: Open lunch and dinner.
Payment: Accepts all major credit cards and cash.

Lebanese cuisine. Grilled and spicy. Parking also available. Not a highly impressive interior, but great food.Read More

Aladdin Cuisine Libanaise (Lebanese) - Montreal

Aladdin Cuisine Libanaise (Lebanese)

Location: 6700 Cote de Neiges, MontrealTelehone: (514) 342-7808
Timings: 11am to 9pm
Payment: Accepts all major credit cards and cash.

Full halal Lebanese delicacies. One of the cheapest restaurants around town. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

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Boulangerie & Patisserie Al-Amine (Lebanese) - Montreal

Boulangerie & Patisserie Al-Amine (Lebanese)

Location: 3549 Avenue Lacombe, Montreal.Telehone: (514) 739-1817
Timings: Lunch and Dinner daily.
Payment: Cash only.

Another good Lebanese restaurant. Qutie reasonable prices for delicious kebabs and felafels.

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La Maison de Kebab (Persian) - Montreal

La Maison de Kebab (Persian)

Location: 820 Avenue Atwater, Montreal.Telehone: (514) 933-0933
Timings: Lunch and dinner.
Payment: Cash only.

Small and cozy Persian restaurant in the downtown district, owned and run by Muslims. Full Halal menu consisting of traditional Persian delights like mirza...

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Pizza Ben (Pizza/Fast Food) - Montreal

Pizza Ben (Pizza/Fast Food)

Location: 173 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal.Telehone: (514) 287-9400
Timings: 12 pm to 12 am.
Payment: Accepts some credit cards and cash.

Good pizzas and burgers, all halal. Modest prices. Alcohol consumption is allowed.

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Restaurant Afandina (Various) - Montreal

Restaurant Afandina (Various)

Location: 942 Boulevard Decarie, St-Laurent, Montreal.Telehone: (514) 748-7787
Timings: 12noon to 10pm.
Payment: Accepts all major credit cards and cash.
Email: info@restaurant-afandina.com <info@restaurant-afandina.com>

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Restaurant Boustan (Lebanese) - Montreal

Restaurant Boustan (Lebanese)

Location: 2020A Crescent Street, Montreal.Telehone: (514) 843-3576
Timings: Open daily 10am to 11pm.
Payment: Accepts all major credit cards and cash.
Email: info@boustan.ca
Webiste: www.boustan.ca

Inexpensive, great food, and a 100% Halal menu. Run under a...

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