When to go

Montreal has a temperate climate, though locals will tell you there are only two – winter and road construction.  May to September is generally sunny and comfortable, though it does rain.  Temperatures rarely rise above 30C.  Winters are frigid and snowy.  From December through February, temperatures rarely rise above freezing.  Montreal gets more than 200cm of snow every year too.

Despite the chilly temperatures, winter is the most romantic season of the year.  It’s harsh, but Montreal handles it well and has a lot to offer.  Enjoy ice-skating with your loved one, fantastic skiing, and lots of winter-themed festivals.  You can also simply curl up and enjoy the snow showers with a cup of hot chocolate.  As a bonus, the cold scares off most visitors, so hotels are cheap.

Summers are also excellent.  Because of its northern locale, temperatures rarely venture into the uncomfortable range.  It’s just about perfect for being outdoors. There’s also ample opportunity for hiking, camping, and water sports.  Montreal’s most popular festivals also occur during this time of year.

The spring and fall are dreary, with lots of showers.  It’s not cold enough for snow, and not warm enough to go outside.  There isn’t much in the way of festivals or other cultural events.  Hotels will often slash their prices during this time of year, so at least you’ll be able to find a bargain.