Public Holidays

·    January 1: New Year's Day

·    March 21: Good Friday
·    May 19 (observed): Victoria Day/Journée nationale des Patriotes
·    June 24: Festival of Saint Jean Baptiste/Fête Nationale (National day of Quebec)
·    July 1: Canada Day (also moving day in Montreal)
·    September 1: Labour Day
·    October 13: Thanksgiving
·    December 25: Christmas

Most large shopping centers and stores are usually closed on public holidays, but a few small stores remain open. Christmas is a much celebrated holiday, and all stores and shops remain closed on Christmas Day.
Two other days usually given off as public holidays are 2nd of January, and 26th of December, which is celebrated as Boxing Day.
Easter Monday is losing popularity as a public holiday, and is usually given off in government offices only. Government offices also remain closed on 11th of November, Remembrance Day, but most of the shops and other commercial enterprises remain open.