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Restaurants in Phnom Penh - Cambodia

112 Restaurant - Phnom Penh

112 Restaurant

Established near the colonial French mansions, this is the place to be if you are French food fanatic! This restaurant with a busy and slightly packed décor offers the best and finest French cuisine. Their selection ranges from delicious salads to steak tartare and several other contemporary and...

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Amber Garden Terrace - Phnom Penh

Amber Garden Terrace

Situated on the busy 57th Street, this airy hotel is not just affordable but serves the finest Khymer food. The breezy environment gives a casual and serene touch to your meals and sets a light mood. If your taste buds crave for something beyond Khymer delights then you’ve the choice to select...

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Anise Terrace - Phnom Penh

Anise Terrace

This restaurant offers the delectable Southeast Asian cuisine at a very reasonable price. The seating arrangement could be made on the terrace or in the air-conditioned hall. The fish cakes at Anise Terrace are particularly delicious. You can catch up on your work, while waiting for the order,...

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Bai Thong - Phnom Penh

Bai Thong

The elegance of Bai Thong is perfect for a much awaited romantic dinner or even a long pending business meeting. The ambiance of the restaurant is relaxed and from the white table cloth to the food served, every feature is top-notch. Fully air-conditioned rooms and the extensive menu, now including...

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Bodhi Tree Umma - Phnom Penh

Bodhi Tree Umma

This Hotel is named after the tree under which Buddha saw the light. It’s peaceful balcony and courtyard setting along with plenty of hot coffee and tea service makes it stand out among the other restaurants in Phnom Penh. Bodhi Tree Umma has appetizing sandwiches and baguettes along with...

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Cantina - Phnom Penh


Spicy? Mexican Food? Oh yes, then you’re at the right place. Cantina serves the finest and the freshest Mexican food in the town. Their most ingredients are imported from Mexico to provide your taste buds with the original taste. From the variety of tortillas to the hot and crispy tacos and...

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Chiang Mai Riverside - Phnom Penh

Chiang Mai Riverside

The air-conditioned ‘Thailand Brand certified’ enjoys an excellent reputation among its customers for the delicious Thai cuisine and a variety of vegetarian dishes. It has been established since a long time and is popular in among the locales for its home-cooking.
If you are slightly...

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Chicago Grill and Steak - Phnom Penh

Chicago Grill and Steak

This restaurant established in a wonderful setting has expertise in delicious American food. Starting with the scrumptious steaks to the wide variety of salads, potatoes, and corn-on-the-cob, everything is served in the quintessential American way. A fine selection of chicken is also available for...

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