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Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh

altThe roots of this hotel date back to 80 years hence it’s a living legend of French colonial elegance and sophistication. It is situated at the heart of city, especially close to the elite shopping centers and beautiful tourist locations. The beautiful sunset over the Mekong River could be observed from Raffles Hotel.
Its boutique has an extensive cultural heritage collection and the restaurants serve the Asian and global delicacies.

For more information visit: www.raffles.com/EN_RA/Property/RLR/

Contact Details:
Raffles Hotel Le Royal
Address: 92 Rukhak Vithei Daun Penh,
     Sangkat Wat Phnom, Phnom Penh,
     Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel: +855 23 981 888
Fax: +855 23 981 168



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