Phnom Penh Today

Phnom Penh has turned into the central economic, industrial, commercial, and historic point in Cambodia. It is home to several Pagodas, religious joints, cultural settings, and historic markets like Russian Market and Central market. Its wide Boulevards give way to crazy SUV drivers to rush past bicycling children and youth.

Stroller’s attention is distracted by fruit-sellers, three-wheeled taxi drivers, unkempt beggars, music buzzing from the local cafes and restaurants along the wide avenues.                                                              

The banks of Tonle Sap River along with adjacent lakes give the city an open sea air touch and provide it with sea food and scenic beauty of no match.

Phnom Penh is a big promoter of contemporary and traditional art. Several art galleries with modern and historic paintings, artworks, etc reflect the rich art culture of the city. Several local and foreign artists have joined hands to infuse alien elements into Cambodian art for the endorsement of diversity.