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Transportation - Getting Around in Brunei Darussalam - Brunei

Buses - Brunei Darussalam


You’ll mostly find buses in the Brunei capital of Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB). They are purple in colour and are considered to be quite efficient and reliable. Brunei has one of the highest per capita private car ownership in the world so you’ll find that the buses are used mostly by foreigners....

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Car for hire - Brunei Darussalam

Car for hire

Brunei must be the only place in the world where it makes sense to hire a car to get around. Most rentals start at B$130 a day and rental companies can make arrangements for pick-up/drop-offs at your hotel. There is only one ‘motorway’, which stretches from Bandar Seri Begawan along the coast....

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Driving Tips - Brunei Darussalam

Driving Tips

•    Bruneian drivers drive on the left-hand side of the road
•    An International Driving Permit is required to drive in Brunei
•    There are only Shell petrol stations in Brunei
•    Some back roads may require a 4WD
•    The use of a mobile...

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From the airport - Brunei Darussalam

From the airport

The Bandar Seri Begwan International Airport (BWN) is located only 15-20 minutes from the capital’s city centre. As noted in ‘Taxis’ there are taxis at the airport but they can be infrequent. A cheaper way would be to check with your hotel if they offer a free or inexpensive shuttle service....

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Taxi - Brunei Darussalam


There are reportedly only 40 taxis in the whole of Brunei due to the high private ownership of cars; 10 of these taxis frequent the airport while 8 can be found at Belait District. You’ll have little chance of finding a taxi on the streets, especially during the peak rush hour times in morning...

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