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Driving Tips

altTraffic in Sao Paulo is poor largely because local drivers can be quite aggressive and do not adhere to the lanes marked on the streets. This causes awful traffic jams, making driving on the streets of Sao Paulo a risky proposition for the first-time traveller. Furthermore, the road network is quite confusing, which makes it easy for non-residents to get lost.  To drive, you need to get a Brazilian provisory driver’s license from the State Transit Department (known as Detran and located near Ibirapuera Park). If you have an international driver’s license, you will still need to get it registered at the Detran. It is advisable to park in a crowded area or a parking lot at night to prevent theft. Also, be very careful while driving since the city is teeming with motorbike riders who drive at dangerously high speeds between vehicles.

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