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Transportation - Getting Around in Sao Paulo - Brazil

Buses - Sao Paulo


While cheap and popular, buses in Sao Paulo are very slow, largely due to high traffic levels and poorly developed roads. Additionally, it is difficult to find seats on buses because they often serve as the only mode of public transport in local neighborhoods. Buses will not pause at every stop, so...

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Care for Hire - Sao Paulo

Care for Hire

For the uninitiated, renting a car to explore the city is not advisable mainly because the road network is difficult to understand and traffic levels are significantly high. However, if you are feeling adventurous and want to rent a car, there are several companies from which you can hire vehicles...

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Driving Tips - Sao Paulo

Driving Tips

Traffic in Sao Paulo is poor largely because local drivers can be quite aggressive and do not adhere to the lanes marked on the streets. This causes awful traffic jams, making driving on the streets of Sao Paulo a risky proposition for the first-time traveller. Furthermore, the road network is...

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From the airport - Sao Paulo

From the airport

You can either get taxis from the airport (mentioned in the taxi section) or get car rentals (as mentioned in the car for hire section). Also, buses can take you from the airport to metro stations, which you can use to get to your hotel.  ...

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Metro - Sao Paulo


The Metro, or the subway system of Sao Paulo, may be easier to use than the buses since it contains English directions and clearly defined routes. Moreover, the subway is significantly safer and cleaner than the bus system. The metro will also connect you to the train network of Sao Paulo. A...

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Taxi - Sao Paulo


As with most cities around the world, taxis are an expensive way to travel in Sao Paulo. There are two kinds of taxis in the city – owner-drive and radio cabs. Both are fairly well-maintained and have a minimum fare of R$3.20 after which R$1.80 is charged for each kilometer and R$0.40 for every...

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Train - Sao Paulo


The train system, known as the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropoli Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos tanos (CPTM), connects Sao Paulo to the suburbs and cities nearby. While the train system is generally preferable to the buses, the quality of service is inconsistent and occasionally...

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