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Shopping in Sao Paulo - Brazil

Anna Pegova - Sao Paulo

Anna Pegova

A French beauty products brand, the Anna Pegova store is perhaps one of the best stores to go to if you are looking for some Brazilian beauty. Many of them have been customized to suit the local conditions. Address: Alameda Lorena 1582, Jardins

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Art India - Sao Paulo

Art India

This store sells handicraft and artwork made by the native Indian tribes all over Brazil. You can find necklaces, decorative items, bowls, spoons, pottery, etc. here. Address: Rua Augusta 1371
Tel: 011-3283-2102 ...

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Arte Tribal - Sao Paulo

Arte Tribal

This place sells the craft work of native Brazilian tribes as well as those from around the world. The latter is mostly focused on African tribes so visitors have numerous choices. Address: Rua Augusta 2481
011-3081-8170 ...

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Casa Amadeus - Sao Paulo

Casa Amadeus

This is the store to go if you are seeking local music CDs. There are also several musical instruments; for an avid music lover, this is the place to go to.
Address: Av. Ipiranga 1129
Tel: 011-228-0098  ...

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Casa do Amazonas - Sao Paulo

Casa do Amazonas

A store with a diverse range of products that come straight from the Amazon. Address: Al. Jurupis 460, Moema,
Tel: 011-5051-3098 ...

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Casa Santa Luzia - Sao Paulo

Casa Santa Luzia

For those who are feeling a wee bit homesick in Sao Paulo, Casa Santa Luzia will help you get over it. This store has a huge selection of imported products, including cheese, pasta, sauces, cold cuts and desserts. Address: Alameda Lorena 1471

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Centro Cultural FNAC - Sao Paulo

Centro Cultural FNAC

This multi-story bookstore carries a huge range of titles both from Brazil and from other countries. In fact, the foreign language section is quite diverse. There are also several guide books and maps to choose from. Other features include a cyber cafe and a coffee shop. Address:...

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Clube Chocolate - Sao Paulo

Clube Chocolate

This is a unique store because it is set like an art gallery that sells extremely high-end clothing (as well as other products). There are also home decoration items and gifts available here. Address: Rua Oscar Freire 913, Jardins
Tel: 011-3084-1500 ...

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