Sao Paulo today

Touted to be the richest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo has a life of its own. With some 11 million people living in the city, Sao Paulo’s skyline is dotted with sky scrapers and high-rises that house banks, insurance, and multi-national companies, much like any other metropolitan city around the world. The road network is extensive and can be confusing for those who are not used to multi-lane highways and complex flyovers. The beaches are beautiful and endless; a dream come true for all those who face the biting cold in their own countries. The seemingly endless festivals and exhibitions (not to mention the bars and clubs) make Sao Paulo a happening place for the culturally refined. As a rich city, many elites own helicopters and use them to ‘commute’ to and from work since Sao Paulo’s traffic is so hectic. Unfortunately, Sao Paulo has a somewhat high crime rate given the grossly uneven distribution of income in the city, so unsuspecting tourists may find their valuables stolen if they are not careful.