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General Information About Sao Paulo - Brazil

Annual temperatures - Sao Paulo

Annual temperatures

January: 27°C (high); 18°C (low) February: 28°C (high); 18°C (low)
March: 27°C (high); 18°C (low)
April: 25°C (high); 16°C (low)Read More

Fast Facts - Sao Paulo

Fast Facts

Location: State of Sao Paulo, south-east Brazil
Dialling code: 55
Emergency numbers:
     Police 190;
     Fire 193;
     Ambulance 192
Population: 11 million (city); 20...

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Public holidays 2010 - Sao Paulo

Public holidays 2010

Jan 1: New Year's Day
Jan 25: Founding of São Paulo
Feb 12-17: February Carnival
Apr 2: Good Friday
Apr 21: Tiradentes
May 1: Labor Day

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Sao Paulo History - Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo History

Present-day Sao Paulo started off as a small village known as São Paulo de Piratininga in 1554 founded by Jesuit priests and a Native American chief. The village was established with the explicit purpose of spreading Catholicism among contemporary natives. In the 18th century, Sao Paulo became a...

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Sao Paulo Residents - Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Residents

Known as Paulistanos, the people of Sao Paulo are racially diverse. You will find a huge Japanese population here along with Chinese, Korean-Brazilians, Christians, Arabs, Jews and Italians. However, regardless of their ethnicity, Paulistanos are known for being extremely hard-working and...

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Sao Paulo today - Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo today

Touted to be the richest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo has a life of its own. With some 11 million people living in the city, Sao Paulo’s skyline is dotted with sky scrapers and high-rises that house banks, insurance, and multi-national companies, much like any other metropolitan city around the...

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When to go - Sao Paulo

When to go

Sao Paulo is known for its tropical climate and has no extreme weather conditions.  Simply put, Sao Paulo’s weather is usually pleasant and dry and never too hot. The winter months are from June to August while spring is from September through November. After that, summer begins and lasts until...

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