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Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

00 (Zero Zero) - Rio de Janeiro

00 (Zero Zero)

Found inside the Planetarium, 00 is a sleek restaurant that serves Brazilian dishes with Mediterranean and Asian touches. Some of Rio’s best DJs spin tracks here so stick around with a cocktail at the bar.

Address: Planetario, Av Padre Leonel Franca 240, GaveaRead More

Amir - Rio de Janeiro


Address: Rua Ronald de Arvalho 55C, Copacabana
Tel: 2275 5596
Opening Times: Closed Sundays

Found near a beach, this restaurant has waiters who’ll bring out salads, falafel, hummus and kaftas (savoury meatballs). There...

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B! - Rio de Janeiro


Address: Rua Visonde de Piraja 572, Ipanema
Opening Times: 9am-midnight Mon-Sat, 1pm-midnight Sun

Found on the second floor of the Livraria da Travessa bookshop, this very chic cafe serves light meals in salads, quiches and chocolate...

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Cafeina - Rio de Janeiro


Address: Rua Farme de Amoedo 43, Ipanema
Opening Times: 9am-8pm Sun and Mon, 8am-11:30pm Tues-Sat

Very popular in the heart of Ipanema, this cafe has lots to offer in the ways of dessert: waffles, dark coffees and espressos. You can also sit...

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Casa da Suica - Rio de Janeiro

Casa da Suica

A slice of Switzerland in Latin America, you’ll find flambes, fondues and constantly changing menu.

Location: Rua Candido Mendes 157, Gloria
Tel: 2552 5182
Opening Times: Noon-3pm and 7pm-midnight Mon-Fri, 7pm-1am Sat,...

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Cervantes - Rio de Janeiro


Address: Av Prado Junior 3358, Copacabana
Tel: 2275 6147
Opening Times: Noon-late Tuesday and Sunday

Very well-known in the Copacabana, this place has a non-fussy menu – it’s trademark is its meat and pineapple...

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Cipriani - Rio de Janeiro


Italian food is served in this candlelit setting which caters to a well-dressed crowd.

Location: Copacabana Palace, Av Atlantica 1702, Copacabana
Tel: 2545 8747
Opening Times: 12:30-3pm and 7pm-1am Mon-Sat, 12:30-4pm and...

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Garota da Urca - Rio de Janeiro

Garota da Urca

Address: Av Joao Luis Alves 56, Urca
Tel: 2541 8585
Opening Times: 11am-late

Brazilian cuisine is on the menu here but the real drawcard is the view from the open-air veranda looking out at the Praia da Urca.

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